How to Keep your Focus

Going on a trip to Vegas or some other gambling destination on our fabulous planet, you are going to have to take a few things in mind to keep yourself from exploding from the hype that surrounds a casino. When sitting in your living room on your PC playing in one of the best online casinos, poker room or sportsbook you do not have the same distractions.

In the comfort of your own home you can easily shut out the distractions like the TV or phone and you do not have hundreds of other people looking over your shoulder or just bumping into you. Thousands of people every day call work and claim to be sick so they can take a day trip to the casinos, and have some mid week casino style fun. These are not the gamblers this article is for. This article is tailored for the goal oriented gambler looking to hit the jackpot.

One thing I can not stress enough is to always remain focused. If for any reason you find yourself unable to remain focused because you are too tired or hungry, leave the table and get some food or a nap. The table will be there when you get back, but when you are at the table your focus must be on the game at hand. If you find that you are unable to keep your mind on the game you are playing, maybe you should try keno or some other game. Normally when a player first starts they are concentrating the hardest on the game, but as time goes on the focus will usually wonder. The secret is to keep the concentration the same as when you started.

This does not mean concentrate less in the beginning so you don’t burn out quickly. You must maintain a high level of focus thru the entire game from start to finish if you want a chance to take home the jackpot. And the same goes for the other side as well. If you begin gambling with a bank roll of 25,000 dollars again, and you are up to 100,000 dollars, having quadrupled your money it is a good idea to take 75,000 dollars of the money won, and return to your original 25,000 to even yourself out and put a bit of the money you have won away for safe keeping. While you are playing your focus must be on your cards, the other players at your table and the dealer.

You must block out all other distractions from your mind. The music coming from the casino bar, the lady in the tight short skirt and everything else does not exist for the time you are playing. One trick to do this is to watch the other players hands, blocking out everything at a casino is extremely difficult and it will take time to perfect. Most of you gamblers probably already know this, but it is always good to hear it from someone else. In the end the winner will be the person who played the best and that will be the player who paid the closest attention to the game.

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