Short history of online gambling

Most of us cannot imagine the gambling world without online casinos after all the time we have spent on them, having fun and winning prizes. But they weren’t always here. However, they did evolve incredibly fast. Let’s see how everything started!

The first online casino

Before the online casino, there was Microgaming. Yes, one of the best and most popular software providers out there had a great contribution on the fast development of the gambling websites as we know them. This company was the only one that had fully functional gambling software and when making safe transactions became possible, it led to the creation of the first online casinos. This happened in 1994 and ever since, online casinos were launched every day. Today, players have a wide variety to choose from and each offers a different experience.

The online casino in the 21st century

If in 1996 there were a total of 15 gambling websites available, by 2001 the number grew significantly and the estimated number of players was 8 million and it kept on growing.

In 2008, the online gambling revenue was estimated at $21 billion by H2 Gambling Capital and in 2016 Statista predicted that by 2020, the gambling market will have a total volume of around $56 billion.


The online gambling world keeps evolving and more online casinos become available for players all around the world. It grows just as fast as it did when it was first introduced, so all the gambling enthusiasts are curious to see what new things they will be able to enjoy.

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