Books About Gambling

If you are a newbie in the gambling world, you will surely feel overwhelmed sometimes, you will find yourself in doubt and you will want to give up. For a complete understanding of how casinos and gambling products work, check the books below, written by experienced players in this industry:

  • Roll the Bones
  • Written by: David G. Schwartz;
  • The author tells a history of gambling, from its very early forms to internet dominated years;
  • The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King
  • Written by: Michael Craig;
  • A book about poker, whose characters correspond to real life people: the professor is Howard Lederer, the banker is Andrew Beal and the suicide king is Ted Forrest;
  • Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling
  • Written by: John Scarne;
  • The book is written by the most experienced gambling writer and is the best-selling book of this kind;
  • Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game
  • Written by: Peter Svoboda;
  • This is an easy guide for both new and experienced players, that will get you to understand the basic principles of gambling;
  • The Biggest Game in Town
  • Written by: Al Alvarez;
  • It is a book which describes the World Series of Poker event held in 1981and it is thought to be the pioneer of poker literature;
  • Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner
  • Written by: Bob Dancer;
  • Written by a video poker expert, this book provides the reader with a full knowledge of the game;
  • Gambling 102
  • Written by: Mike Shackleford;
  • This book has almost every gambling product described to its very detail, offering the readers a wide range of rules, tips and tricks;
  • The Frugal Gambler
  • Written by: Jean Scott;
  • A former English teacher tells the story of a low-stake gambler, presenting the math behind casinos;
  • Burning the Tables in Las Vegas
  • Written by: Ian Andersen;
  • The high-stakes poker player tells the story of his success in poker, blackjack and life, providing the readers with a lot of tips and tricks;
  • Comped
  • Written by: Bill Kearney;
  • A personal story of the gambling adventure in youth times will keep you entertained.

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